Sunday, December 15, 2013

an update on my life

 ^^^ random pics of mia and i from a few weeks ago! ^^^

>>  i have already studied aaaaaa lottttt and i still don't feel anywhere NEAR prepared to take finals next week. that being said, i have been avoiding studying like crazy. it's something i have to do, but because i hate every second of it (just like every other college kid out there) i have been finding anything possible to get me out of it, even if just for a little bit! (for example.... this blog post.) help! wow i can't wait for my finals to be over.
>>  been working lots. long hours because classes are over! which means i can work longer in the day! yeah i tried to study during those long shifts, but already having not eaten for several hours (poor college kid... ya know) i was fed up with even trying that.
>>  today i went to a funeral. Tyler's uncle passed away unexpectedly last Sunday. it was a very sad and emotional day, and my heart is full for the Peery family, i sure do love them. i know Tyler wishes dearly that he could be here too.
>>  5 days left of being down at BYU, then i'll be living at home for 2 WEEKS. woo hoo! 3 cheers for a break! and even though those 2 weeks will fly, i will get to be with my family, celebrate Christmas, get to skype with my handsome Elder, and be homework free. really... what could be better
>>  today i also went Christmas shopping! wow that put me in such a festive mood. tis the season of giving! i love it.
>>  annnnnddddd for the best news of all, as of Wednesday December 11, i have officially started my mission papers. YAY! greatest news ever right? plus i got so excited i basically already finished them. all i have left is a few appointments, submit a picture (of me lookin all missionary like!) and then, i wait. until January 24 (aka: submit day. and 120 days from my 19th birthday.) i'm so giddy!

happy saturday night! (okay. it's midnight. so it's Sunday if ya wanna get technical on me.) but go ahead and take a guess at how mine has been spent. yes, studying.

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  1. good luck on your finals, keena! you will do great!
    also, so exciting about your mission! wahoo!