Thursday, December 19, 2013

the roomies of #2217

rooming with my cousin for our first year of college together? greatest decision we ever made. and having these girls as our other roommates for our freshman year at BYU has been such a blessing. we have become so close as girlfriends and have really learned to love each other! (even when we are yelling at each other to do the dishes or shut up when we are sleeping ;) it has been nothing short of wonderful these past 4 months. i have a mad love for these girls.

* briana / me, keen / angela S / angela K / danielle / veronica *

Veronica is leaving us ladies in #2217 (mission bound! Florida here she comes!) after the semester is over (aka: 2 days), so we decided to all take some pictures together on Sunday as a last hurrah! and we had so much fun together that we almost missed church (right ladies?)

 * hashtag * 2 * 2 * 1 * 7 * 

luckily the rest of us are sticking it out another semester in the dorm at BYU, but V will be missed! and it just won't be the same without her constant attitude around ;) we love you veronica! and i love all of the rest of my gorgeous roomies. the best room in all of building 25, that's for sure.

 ^^^ huggin it out! we love each other. ^^^

also, we love to HAZE each other by saying that you have to be a *true* roomie. "roomies over everything. roomies over family, if you go home for christmas you are not a true roomie! roomies over school! if you take study for finals instead of having movie night you are NOT a true roomie!" we kid... we kid.

and i think we are allllllll super giddy about the fact that finals are almost over and we get to go home for the holidays. we have just about HAD it with all of this studying! also we are poor college kids with an empty fridge, so we are definitely lookin forward to some home cooked meals. at least i am!

2 more days! well, basically 1. i'm seriously dying over here but i am gonna have to last a little longer and bust out 2 more finals. i keep telling myself i can do it but now i am really not sure i can. #saveme

happy thursday! 


  1. I think that is amazing that you had to opportunity to room with your cousin. What better way to experience this new chapter than with a family member by your side. And I absolutely love that sequin top of yours!

  2. okay forgive my stalking of your blog, but your outfit + your eyebrows are just too perfect not to say anything :)