Wednesday, January 15, 2014

sometimes // for T-MONEY

▲ sometimes i wake up with so much motivation in the morning and remind myself that 2 years is going to flyyyyyy by.
▲ sometimes i don't think i will make it through my day without you by my side.
▲ sometimes i complain about you not being here. especially to Briana + my fam. they are patient and i love them.
▲ sometimes i wish you would be on a mission forever because i am so proud of you for serving the Lord.
▲ sometimes i don't get a letter for several days. it's the worst.
▲ sometimes i remember how blessed i am that we can send letters. thank youuuuu state side mission.
▲ sometimes i cry so much i think my eyes get a little swollen. my roommates walk in and comfort me and i love them for it.
▲ sometimes i wish i could see you do your amazing mission work all day everyday.
▲ sometimes i feel so happy that i am lucky enough to have you in my life.
▲ sometimes i don't know why i complain. a mission is the greatest blessing in the world, and i wouldn't want it any other way.
▲ sometimes i remember how important God's timing is.
▲ sometimes i get really frustrated with the BYU mailing system when they lose my long letters.
▲ sometimes i wish i could just call you up. this is usually when i think of one of our many inside jokes.
▲ sometimes i feel really blessed that we get to send things like packages, voice recorders, and emails. they keep me sane :)
▲ sometimes i am really happy you aren't here right now, cause i don't know how i would survive BYU & get my homework done.
▲ sometimes i am really grateful for the power of prayer.
▲ sometimes i really need my best friend by my side.
▲ sometimes i remember to think of the good in life. and that the hard trials we face can be overcome with the Lord by our side.
▲ sometimes i can't wait to serve a mission like you. we'll grow together spiritually through letters of our experiences.
▲ sometimes i re-read the dozens of letters you have sent me. they truly are the greatest.
▲ sometimes i think, why do i worry? 2 years is such a short time.
▲ sometimes i miss you.
▲ sometimes i love you tyler.

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  1. It gets easier!!! Around 8 months to a year mark.

    xx Laur