Tuesday, April 15, 2014

weekend full of celebrating

this past weekend was FULL of some serious celebrating. one of my besties, Ang, + mia and caleb all had birthdays so there was a whole lot of celebrating going on! friday night we surprised Ang (blindfold and all!) and took her to get all you can eat sushi. which happens to be hers AND my absolute fav. so yum. and yes i realize my forehead was peeling like crazyyyyyy but that's what you get when you have the nasty sunburn that i had! i'm just embracin it here kids :)

annnndddd disco skating. the best. but if you went disco skating and didn't wear crazy clothes and take crazy pictures and hold hands the entire time.... did you even go?

and here we are at midnight the night before (celebrating ang's birthday right at midnight!)... up at squaw peak. hello sunburn. (it's bad... i told ya!)

and even more celebrating... mia + caleb share the same birthday (so crazy cool!) and we celebrated their birthday's on saturday after the temple, and sunday with presents + dinner! happy 17th to mees and 15th to caleb. i love these guys so so much.

oh, plus i hiked the Y with my roomies this weekend. we were just happy we got Suzanna to the top after she was dying at the 3rd switch back ;) "are we almost there?" "ummmm there's 13 of these" "im out. im done. not going further" hahahah too freakin good. the videos we caught were hilarious im tellin ya. i'm going to miss these girls so much!! 

and here we are on a tuesday afternoon. yesterday was my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. so crazy but so freaking exciting. i have no more classes, just study study study until finals. which i am taking all in one day ps. just so i can go to Disneyland my friends! it's going to be worth it, obviously. just gotta push through this week! i also have to squeeze in moving out sometime. which i am extra sad about. this year has been so awesome, i am sad i have to leave. 

and tonight, roomie dinner at Brick Oven, as our last hurrah. college life (besides it being freaking hard) is the good life kids. xx

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