Monday, June 2, 2014

playing last minute catch up!

 ^^^ Marcus's 6th grade graduation! so proud of you buddy! love you so so much :) ^^^

^^^ Aydelyn's 6th grade graduation! 2 one day... i was killin it :) excited for these 2 to hit up Lakeridge Junior High together! wooo hoooo! ^^^

 ^^^ book fair for the 3 youngest for the end of school! and a day out to lunch to celebrate finishing school for the year. love these kids. ^^^

^^^ Christian's graduation! HE DID IT. i'm so proud of you kid :) him & Lauren had a little party after too with the whole peery fam... which was so so fun! love them. ^^^

^^^ the kids had their end of year dance performance too. Ky killed it of course :) such a cutie. my little mini me. ^^^

 ^^^ hiking Timp Cave with the family on Saturday! we've been doing lots of fun activities together before i leave. the hike was SO fun and so were the caves! i discovered i have a love for hiking. and man im gonna miss my family. ^^^

yes kids, 2 DAYS. it's crazy. i still have lots to do and lots of goodbyes to say. {the WORST PART.} i've got just 48 hours left until i head to the MTC.... not only are my days numbered now but so are my HOURS! im anxious and nervous and excited. a crazy mix of emotions and its pretty hard to believe how soon ill be a missionary... in the MTC... learning to preach the gospel in an entirely new language. i really can't believe it has come this quick! am i ready for this? we'll find out! 

here's to 2 days left as just being KEENA. xx


  1. I would just like to say. No, we don't know each other. But I have been inspired by you. I am so grateful to have found your blog a few months ago and to be able to see into your life. You truly do have the light of Christ within you and I have no doubt the people you come in contact with on your mission will be truly blessed. Good luck girl! xo

    1. you are seriously so so nice!! thank you :) that really means a lot to me! xx