Monday, September 22, 2014

week 15

so much has happened this week i really don't even know where to begin! first of all, Hermana Dudley and i got a call on Monday night saying there was going to be a change in our companionship. we freaked out a little bit at first haha but we found out we were going to be in a TRIO!! she is a visa waiter from Alberta going to Spain... and she gets to serve with us until it comes :) her name is Hermana Pilling... and she has been the biggest blessing! i can't decide if she needs us or we need her more haha. Hermana Dudley have instantly found that out of all the missionaries in this mission she was definitely put with us for a reason. we are all learning a lot from each other already! so we picked her up Tuesday night from the mission home. we found out there as well that she hasn't even been to the MTC yet (going to the one in Spain... even though nobody really knows when that will be....?) so since she came straight from home we have been doing lots of training and teaching Spanish. (i realized i know a lot more Spanish then i thought :) its been an adventure but she is so awesome!
we have worked really really hard this week, us 3. definitely gone to bed every single night absolutely exhausted... but thats the best feeling ever! we were pretty happy to have reached ALL of our goals too! we worked hard and found lots of new people to teach, the work is really hastening. on Friday we attended another Zone Conference, since Elder Craig A. Cardon from the 70 came to tour the mission. we traveled into Brampton and had an awesome meeting where we heard from him + his wife. also on Friday we got the opportunity to head downtown and go pass out Book of Mormons at the play! for those that don't know, there is play called the Book of Mormon that is very anti, completely ridicules the BOM and the Church. but we REALLY took advantage of having the play showing at Toronto and passed out BOM's + talked to everyone down at the play!! how lucky to have this opportunity... what other mission gets that! haha it was super awesome... even though we had a TON of people yelling and screaming at us. definitely something i'll never forget :) luckily we have God watching over us!
i want to share a story that happened yesterday, one that testified to me that i was called to this mission to find THIS MAN. to background info -- a man ran up to me as he was getting off the bus about a week ago, he knew who we were and in a matter of 30 seconds we had a short little convo.. it was all in Spanish, but he said he was going to call us as i gave him a card. we played phone tag for a few days, when suddenly he comes to church on Sunday with his wife AND son! the son, Steven is actually really depressed. we talked to him for a little but and felt he should recieve a blessing. we got the Elders and the Bishop + Stake President and the spirit filled the room as we all bore testimony of the Atonement. Steven received a blessing, and even though he wouldn't admit it, nobody could deny that spirit we felt! the dad, Fernando, looked me in the eyes after and said "i have been praying to find an answer of what to do about our family and how to help us. i know God lives and i know you can help us, i know i was placed on that bus to find you." tears filled my eyes as i told him that its true, and that this really is the answer to his prayers. ill never forget that feeling i felt, i know God placed this miracle in our lives for a reason and i can't wait to bless this family with the Gospel! i can see them in white already :)
such a good week, i love my mission so much. i love my Savior Jesus Christ.
PS: after a small fall back and an AMAZING spiritual lesson, Simon is DEFINITELY getting baptized this Sunday the 28!! yay for miracles!!! :):):)
xoxo, Hermana Horton

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