Monday, April 6, 2015

week 43

Querido Familia y Amigos, 

Conference and Easter were SO GREAT! man, i learned so much. in the words of our mission president, Pres Clayton, "every year, is the best year ever of conference." so true! because every time we receive so much revelation from our Father in Heaven for the things He would have us know and do. also, Elder Clayton from the 70 that spoke.... that's our mission president's brother! his talk was awesome. my favorite talks were from Elder Bednar, President Uchtdorf, + Elders Pearson and Renlund from the 70. so amazing! the thing that touched my heart the most was how i can become a better disciple of Christ. to ALWAYS put Him first. to continually serve Him, and to follow Him because i love Him. i truly love my Savior. Easter morning was so special, we had a conference call with the whole mission and read about the Risen Christ in John 20. probably one of the strongest times i have felt the Spirit in my whole life. i KNOW Christ lives! and i am eternally grateful for Him and His sacrifice for me and all of God's children. it has truly changed me, and i want everyone to have the kind of happiness i have received from knowing He is the Son of God, the Savior of the World. i loved that Conference was so focused on Christ because of Easter. it was also focused so much on marriage and family! oh how it made me so excited to start my own someday :) anyways, i LOVED conference & Easter!

soooooo there was a blizzard on Saturday night. a white Easter! we didn't even have snow on Christmas in Canada this past year, so may as well have it for Easter right? haha it snowed SO hard! it was great because after sitting all day for Conference, we decided to head out for the little proselyting time we had at night and just talk to EVERYONE about Easter and invite them to check out Because He Livesit started snowing so so hard and we were just laughing and having so much fun haha :) 

Hermana Flake and i have been doing great :) we are seeing miracles everyday! people we are teaching update: Luz! another one. the girl we talked to last week while we were OYM-ing, that i talked about in my last email. we taught her this week! it was a really great lesson, and although she said "ya me fui bautizada. soy católica" #everyanswerweget haha but God has a plan for her. Jose and Carlos are our progressing investigators. we teach them both quite often. Carlos is getting baptized in 3 weeks when he goes to Venezuela (!!!!! i wish we could just go with him!!! he's awesome. im so excited for him.) and Jose.... i plead with the Lord every night that he will find answers to his questions and desire to be baptized. we've been teaching him for 3 months now. he has a lot of questions but we are hoping conference answered a lot of them! and, the other Luz (who just got baptized) is doing awesome too. we gave her a bag full of church books for her baptism and she is literally cruising through them haha. i love her.

i had an awesome interview with president this week, i felt so guided and so much love. i just feel so grateful to be on the Lords errand, working in His vineyard, with Him. time is limited and i really want to serve Him with all my heart might mind and strength. i feel so blessed to have such amazing and supportive friends and family, thank you for strengthening me and cheering me on! i love you all! read the Book of Mormon. "everyday, everyday, everyday." :) -Elder Pearson. i know it is true!


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