Monday, May 11, 2015

week 48


this week was wonderful! Hermana Ridgway is an amazing missionary, and i am so lucky to be serving with her. she has already taught me so much! we actually served in the same area last summer, and i never would have guessed we would be with each other now. i think this is probably the hardest i have ever worked on the mission! the most focused i have ever been. and i love it. 

we struggled big time this week with teaching lessons. i have yet to teach any investigators with her! and in English work, we are doing awesome haha we have been finding like a TON of awesomely prepared people. sadly we have to pass them all off to the English sisters but we do the Lord's work in one way or another eh? it's fun contacting with a new companion. we do it well together! we felt the Spirit guiding us everywhere we went, and we stuck to our plans everyday of what we had felt inspired to do, even though every single appointment fell through. i have a testimony though, that God will lead and guide us in His work. i know we are instruments! and He helps us do what He wants, for the benefit of all His children. and the people we met this week that were so prepared really did need us. and some of them even came to church yesterday :) boo yah! 

we had an awesome Zone Council this week, focusing on changing ourselves so we can see more miracles. i loved it! and that's something i have been focusing a lot on personally. the Lord is never far from my heart. i am really learning to depend on Him and my Father in Heaven to know what needs to be done in this area of the vineyard that i have the wonderful opportunity of serving in! 

i spent time making cute gifts for the 15 moms i have right now for mothers day. haha i figured its the only time ill have this many so i have to thank them for all they do :) we bought yellow flowers and put cute notes on them and gave them to the wonderful Spanish ladies in the ward. they loved them. it made me miss my own mother though... but how wonderful it was to talk to her and the family yesterday! i love my mom. i love her love for the Gospel, and i love her example for me. i am so lucky to have the best mom in the world! i am so grateful for an Eternal Family <3 u="">

i don't have much else to say this week, but i just want everyone who is reading this to know, that with all my heart, i love the Lord. i love Him and i love His work.


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