Monday, July 20, 2015

week 58

we had a great week! i love my companions so much. it​ really freaks me out that transfer calls are again this Sunday
. we just had them! this transfer has flown. and they are just getting faster and faster. it's crazy! we have a good feeling the 3 of us are getting split... gotta make the most of our last week together!!

it's WICKED humid here. it was 30 C and 80 % humidity on Friday. holy we almost died! i have sweet pictures but unfortunately thanks to a dumb dollar store card reader, i lost all of them :( yes i am ticked. but holy i felt like i was literally swimming!!!

one of the coolest miracles of this week was when we found 7 new investigators in one lesson! it was sweeeeet! we found a potential named Fay, and she told us to come back Saturday at 12... and when we came back, she gathered her family (husband and 2 boys) and went and got her sister Kate and her 2 boys, and we had a massive lesson with those 2 awesome Jamaican families. so cute when all those 10 and 14 year old boys read the pamphlet with us, and they were all amazed at the experience of Joseph Smith. i know that He saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. that experience of a 14 year old boy in a grove of trees in New York was an answer to a prayer that changed the world. and i am so grateful for it! 

Yuri and Teri and their kids were able to come to church again yesterday too :) they are so cute. i seriously love them so much. praying i stay in the area so we can help them get baptized! Timothy who is supposed to be baptized this Sunday is doing AWESOME spiritually... but is having lots of problems with the voices in his head from his Schizophrenia that he has had for at least 20 years now. i feel so bad for him :( he couldn't come to church yesterday because of it, but we did help him to receive a Priesthood blessing.

went on exchanges this week to Toronto YSA! the area i was in for 1 week. love it :) a lot more happened this week but i can't really remember..... we were SO BUSY though! barely found time to eat... having combined areas is forcing us to have back to back to back appointments. but the Lord always provides :) basically i love being a missionary, i love Toronto, i love this area, and i love the Lord. the Church is TRUE! 

con mucho amor, hermanita horton

toronto is awesome

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