Tuesday, August 4, 2015

week 60

hola hola! this week has been challenging and long, but we have seen a lot of miracles as well. my new companion is Hermana Sandorf, she is also from Utah. we came out together as well! we are "whitewashing" into Christie East which in mission vocab means we are both ​new to the area..... which means the area needs saving and strengthening! we walked in to just 1 investigator but he does have a baptismal date! we have been in solid finding mode this week. talking to lots of people and hunting down the Spanish :) i have been in Toronto for most of my mission now, (i love it!!!) and because i came into this ward a year ago at this time... i feel like a brand new baby missionary again! so weird cause i feel like a whole new person now. its crazy how fast time flies, and how much you can change while in the service of the Lord. i truly love Him. i have felt so comforted this week, i know He never leaves my side. i'm so grateful that He understands me perfectly. i love Jesus Christ. 

Martin is the biggest miracle of the week - our investigator who is preparing for baptism. we met him finally on Saturday and followed up with the Word of Wisdom... and he wants to quit so bad! he just kept saying "i don't want to do these things anymore. i want to find that piece that is missing in my life. i want to be closer to God." he is awesome. he received a priesthood blessing last night from our WML... and we are praying he quits everything this Friday and comes to church! another awesome part of the week was when Timothy got baptized! i am so happy for him :)

something i have learned this week is how much we depend on God in this work. i really know that it is His. i have fallen to my knees a lot this week for guidance, and i know it has worked because i know we have been in places where He has needed us to be. following the Spirit is so key as a missionary! 

im really really REALLY loving the mission right now! even on the hard and long and tiring and sweaty days, i love being here. i love every minute of it.

con mucho amor, hermana horton

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