Monday, November 23, 2015


the long awaited reuniting blog post :) excited? holy cow i am! do you know how long Tyler and i have waited for this day????? well, 730 days... 104 weeks.... 2 YEARS. i really feel like "i cannot say the smallest part which i feel" when it comes to that long awaited hug. yes it was perfect because we have dreamed of experiencing that together for much too long! i am eternally grateful Tyler chose to serve a mission. and i am eternally grateful that because he served, i had the desire to as well. it changed the both of us, and we learned to love and appreciate each other every single day we were apart. i love him with all my heart, and though this was one of the hardest things i have ever done, and some days i thought it would never end, it did. and boy oh boy, was it worth it. that distance only made our hearts grow stronger! and we are happier than ever!

many great things await us :) ***including an awesome video about this awesome day!

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