Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas time means

laughter / happiness / smiling / parties / family / giving

lately i have been quite busy with gift buying, wrapping, and giving! i have also been going to lots of Christmas parties!

gift buying and cleaning the house, then monday night i went to the Garvins house with my fam! we had dinner and exchanged presents. i got a cute chidken wire frame to hang my earrings! love it!

Syd came back to our house and we slept over :)

me and syd woke up, got ready, and went and saw inception!

i also went and visited Nicole {with Amanda} who just got her wisdom teeth out on tuesday morning!
so we brought her a Jamba and exchanged our presents for each other

6 o'clock was Cait's Sweet 16 Surprise party that i planned
attending was:
Cait, Me, Kenz, Meg, Kait, Joz, Kaylee, Emma
such a fun night! love you girls!

today i had a cheer party at Sleepy Ridge, we had food from Magleby's that was delicious! love their french toast. we also did a white elephant there... so funny!

tonight was the Horton Family party!
after the party i went to Nicole's house. we had treats and played Imagineiff with her brother!


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