Thursday, December 23, 2010

december the 23 with flashbacks

today is the 23 of december, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

this is at Caits Surprise party on Tuesday night.. LOVED that night
{that party was written about HERE}

the following 5 pictures are all from the cheer party on Wednesday.. SO funny
{that party was written about HERE}

my white elephant gift: TAMPONS! haha wow..

me and Mads have the same boots... LOVE!

Chels made this shirt for her white elephant. it's Taylon... saying "DUMB GIRL!"

this morning me, quince, and my dad headed to the bank and to deliver Christmas gifts! we love listening to Taylor Swift together!

also, Sydni called me and asked if i could babysit their friends dog, Izzy for like an hour! cutest dog ever!


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