Monday, August 30, 2010

my random monday

these are some random pictures.
of my random, random, life.
headbands i made, down at 7 Circles
the clips
more clips
full view
this is my wonderful grandma, we babysit her often and i was the other day, i turned on a show for her and she wanted a High School Musical blanket. her favorite TV show to watch is Hannah Montana. she is the greatest grandma. although she does have a disease, i love her to death. she does say some "funny" things, but she is wonderful. i love you grandma!
(her favorite saying: your butt's HUGE) (my favorite saying she has said: WHO ARE THESE DOGS?)
this is just me, walkin. it was raining so i had an umbrella. then it stopped raining so i pulled out my camera and snapped a picture.

that was just my random life.
i will often have that
but now, best and worst

-my cool pink silk DI pants i wore today
-new schedule today
-early out today
-i ate some peanut butter m&ms today
-im going to make dinner in 2 sec's

-i had to go to the orthodontist for a check up. and they had to glue on 2 brackets that fell off. i get home and another one falls off. back to the ortho and they just take the other off. eh:/
-too many peanut butter m&ms today
-no social life today
-i dont know what i am wearing tomorrow
kay bye bye:)

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