Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oregon + washington

portland, oregon.
seattle, washington.

2 words. SO fun. loved them!

we left on wednesday morning at 5 a.m. and drove all day to portland!
portland was so fun we went to the beach, played wackee six, ate, slept, went to sweet tomato, and went to the Omsi.

saturday afternoon at about 2, we left for seattle!
we got there around dinner time and had the most relaxing and awesome trip ever! 
there pool is just way too fun for words. they fed us the greatest food too.

here is a couple things we did that week.
shopped at the mall, swimming, roasting mallows, pickleball, hot tub, sleeping, hiking, massages, vintage shopping, taking pictures, Mariners game, movies, and saved by the bell!

such a fun time!here are some pictures from our fantastic week! the first few up to the hike are from portland, and the rest are seattle! enjoy!


  1. This was an awesome trip! Thanks for making it so fun, especially girls night!