Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lets "pimp up" my room

i tried something new on monday.
i wanted something more for my room that made it POP
so i made something.

i got some of the fabric that is the "extra"
from all of the pillows, frames, statues, and baskets i already made.
took that fabric
(polka dot, different polka dot, and vintage pattern)
and i made something very cool.
don't really know how to explain it other then i used
rotary cutter

see for yourself!

materials! lace, fabric, scissors
i cut it all out. lets get glue-in!
finished! (this is up close)
this is it!
this is my room. (the wall ... and part of the beds.) im doin a post soon of the fun things "in" my room so watch for that.

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