Monday, September 27, 2010

friday, saturday, monday

well here is my weekend and today.

friday we cheerleaders had to set up the bruin bowl (there are more pictures of that here and here) then cheer at the game against timpanogos and yes we did kick their TRASH! it was an awesome game:)

i worked then went to savers with friends then to meg's, and nikki's party (we HAD to attend both:)

today/monday we all got out at 12! (bonus! i did NOT have to dress for p.e. OR cheer today..YAY!) then i went to bransons with friends.

our first victory!!

the crazy bruin crazies!!! im in there somewhere.

me and cute little paige:)

nicole, me, lauren, and amanda. with balloons from roberts:) props to branson who is taking the picture

us again!

just us

that is all of our shadows:)

us and our balloons!

us again. nicole and her little popped balloon cause she sucked ALL the helium out of it!!!

me and branson

this is at megs party! amanda and her "poutty" face haha

regan and kait in the background

branson with "wing fingers" hahaha

this is today right when we got out of school. we were trying to take a picture (me, nicole, amanda) until kait jumped on us cause she wanted to be in the picture!

hahaha oh dear

we made branson take a picture of us:)

nicole and amanda walking!

hahaha funny story, we were walking to branson's house, when he says.... "HEY LOOK!!! its micheal young's house!!!" me and amanda freaked haha cause we think he is SO hot:) so we made branson take a picture of us in front of the house (and nicole jumped in cause i made her) haha this probably should not go on the internet cause one day he is going to see it and wonder what the heck we are doing in front of his house. i am not worried though:) since he already knows that EVERY girl thinks he is HOT! hahaha. including me:)

well there is my weekend. haha. i had fun!!!

i know i said that "up next is my latest love.
make sure to watch for it:)"
just keep watching cause it is coming soon!

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