Friday, September 17, 2010

sophmore days

since i am a sophmore now,
i would just love to put pictures on of my wonderful school year!!
and i will:)

this is the past week

this is nicole hales, amanda littlefield, keena horton, louisa jarman. we were in line for lunch on thursday (september 16) and wanted a picture

then i edited the picture to be black and white with a little sepia:)

i was waiting for my mom for a ride and took a picture. yes, i am pretty sure my hair is in my mouth. not sure though:)
i also put a little bird on this one and made the sky a little bit blue-er:)

snow cones. lovin me a snow cone. sydni slept over and we hit the mall. me and her and malia. after the mall we wanted (okay I wanted) to go to savers. no ride, so we walked. it was a pretty far walk but we had fun. we walked barefoot:) yuck...i know but it was fun. and we stopped at the Scera for snow cones. YUM! last day that they were open and we all got mango and peach with ice cream at the bottom. yummy yummy

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