Monday, September 20, 2010

life. take what it gives and LOVE it

lately has not been the best.
i have had too many bad days hoping that the next day will be better
i have tried to be positive, but the results of having a blog forces me to vent my feelings right here.
if you hate......complainers....and dont want to hear about my life.....i suggest you just....leave this page.
if you and my life....haha
read on

Thursday actually was not to bad. us JV girls had a game so i did have to bring WAY too many bags to school. but having a locker helps.

We had a fire drill in A2 and i got a little TOO much homework in math but that's fine because me and Cait have fun doing it anyways:)

the game wasn't bad, just hot, and we lost. but that's okay cause we all did have fun, it was our first away game and we have another away one on Thursday. (and the next Thursday)

i did have young woman's Thursday too but it wasn't bad we just made bracelets and i did wear my "hip" cheer outfit there since i had to go right when i got home. whatever about that haha:)

Friday i had to dress up for the Varsity game, but it wasn't bad, i am used to it by now:)

classes were not bad either, except i do hate having to dress for PE. then getting back into my regular clothes for lunch, then undressing again for cheer. not much i can do about that though!

after school i chilled with Caleb. we played roller-coaster tycoon together until i looked at the clock at 5:55 and said to myself "SHOOT! i have to be at the fields DRESSED and READY in 5 MINUTES!!!!!" folks, don't do that. its not smart to get distracted with the computer. i got ready in 4 minutes. then i ate a little and was at the Bruin Bowl by 6:15.

the game was actually fun, haha but Aleia accidently slipped, sat on my water bottle, and it exploded. everyone shouted... "your water broke!!!" haha that was funny but the water got all over my phone and it was dripping. AH! have no fear i wrapped it in Aliea's shirt for the rest of the game, and at the end, i put the battery back in, and ....... IT WORKS! perfectly.

after the game, me, Nicole, Amanda, Branson, Kait, Tyler, and a TON of other people walked to Wendy's. Branson shouted, "BRUINS....HOW DO YOU FEEL?!" and likewise....i was the ONLY person to shout...."WE FEEL GOOD, OH WE FEEL SO GOOD, UH, DOUBLE UH, UH, TRIPPLE UH, UH, UH!!!!" it was embarrassing but funny:)

so i guess friday was actually pretty fun after all:)

Saturday, oh Saturday. Saturday i woke up and had swollen eyes. so i took some medicine. i also had a very bad....runny and stuffy nose. sorry TMI. i cleaned the kitchen. showered. and headed to a Horton family "Carnival" i was there for 10 minutes before i had to leave to go make posters for Homecoming with all the Cheer ladies.

we made all the posters and i went home

i went home to poor sick Kylie. with strep. i watched "Mary-Kate and Ashley's New York Minute" with her so she was not alone then i got ready, and headed to Nicole's.

(in between there somewhere, me, Amanda, and Nicole got in a fight. but it was resolved by going to Jamba Juice.)\

me, Nicole, Jojo, Kaitlyn, and Mckinlee all walked to Jamba where i enjoyed a lovely Mango-a-go-go.

after Jamba we headed to George's surprise party and i actually had a fun time there. except that i pinched my pinky. and Branson gagged on me....haha that's okay though. we fed Branson food and it was funny cause he didn't know what any of it was. haha oh Branson.

i drove home from the party and that was cool cause i have never gone 40MPH before.

sunday i woke up with a FAT lip. not joking a FAT lip. so fat that i didn't go to church until 10 because it was so embarrassing. i don't know why but everyday i wake up and something new is FAT or SWOLLEN on my face. haha.

after church i felt VERY sick and i sat in the tub all day. bubble bath. mmmm:) i was a prune. (i thought i got Kylie's strep but after not feeling sick today i think i am good:)

i ate dinner with my family and then we all watched Jungle Book. we love Disney movies:)
okay just Disney in general!

today was fine. i just felt nauseous (naucious, nacious? however you spell it) and i had a headache and i felt as if i was about to pass out. i also had a bad nose again today. eh.

i also had friend troubles but i wont mention names here.
not that i am not already used to this friend ignoring me at times, and ditching me. but thats fine since Keena is already used to that.

i do not want to be a negative person but this post was all
it handed me a good and bad weekend but i just looked at the bad parts in my head. after reading this post i realize that my weekend was not bad.

i just had multiple friend troubles (some i didn't mention)

i love you all and don't think that i am a negative person, cause as i said before, i am trying very hard to always be positive at what life hands me. i will take what it gives and LOVE IT!

love me.


  1. I heart you kenna bean. Seriously. Addie talks about watching keena be a cheerleader all the time. She hearts you too.