Saturday, October 9, 2010

conference, photos, tv, spiders and 10

i haven't written about conference weekend yet which is sad
since it was a week ago, so i feel the need to write about it.

i did love conference.
i do every, i do not have a favorite. but i did love Sister Cook's.
loved that one.
i also loved Elder Lawrence's. he had some great points.
i love listening to everyone of the 12 Apostles and also the Pro
i am happy to hear about 5 new temples also:) thats exciting.

on Sunday we watched both sessions as a family, then @ 4:00 after the last session, we drove up the canyon to go check out the leaves and take some pictures.

the leaves were gorgeous and we had a great time taking pictures.

this was our first stop

grumpy quincey. she didnt want to take pictures anymore. (hahaha)

my cute parents:)
more news

i was at Nicole's last night, me, Nicole, Amanda, and Cameron. we wanted to go to Wendy's. we got money and went. i got a frosty, while they got a lot of other burgers, fries, nuggets and drinks. i am eating the frosty in the car and on the way home. i got into Nicole's house and was about to take another bite when...... i look down and there is a SPIDER IN MY FROSTY!

it grossed us all out so much.....that we all threw away our food. it was pretty gross.
this is a picture of the

tomorrow is 10:10 10/10/10
make a wish, and make it a good one.
this day will NEVER happen again.

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