Thursday, January 13, 2011

1.11.11, grades, and cheer

i am sorry
i always do this to my little stalkers
i promise that i will update everyday with something interesting about my life, or every single thing i did that day, or a drama fest bout my life, or some pictures of nothing... just anything.
and what do i do?

but then again its not like i'm getting paid for this

my week has been hectic
i have made so many to-do lists full of homework, picking out outfits, cheer, more homework, tests, worksheets, math, math, math, and more homework.... then i know what to do with.
in fact they are all probably still stuck in the back pockets of my jeans and sweater pockets

so yes my friends
you are finally getting a post about my life
but yet i don't have many pictures to share

guess what tuesday was?

11:11:11 1.11.11

{not as good as 11:11:11 11.11.11
which will happen in November,
but still WICKED cool}

we took a picture in science of our wonderful hands that say 1.11.11

i just got back from a swim meet with little miss madi bateman!
love that woman.
"i just saw a whole bunch"
we had to time for cheer and boy did WE have fun

lovin our galoshes

tomorrow = the end of the term
what does that mean?

freedom from stress until the end of May
i can NOT wait

my grades?
well not the best
but i figured out from some teachers that there is not much else i can do

A1 Jewelry: C
{it is going to an A tomorrow when i turn in my project}
A2 Math: C+
{he can CHANGE it even when the semester is over! so i just need to retake the test}
A3 PE: B+
{it will change tomorrow since i got 99% on my FINAL!}
A4 Cheer: haha no grade babay
B1 English: A-

{im definitly satisfied}
B2 Science: A-
B3 History: B-
{he says i cant do ANYTHING... so whatevvvs!}
B4 Seminary: who knows


ps: that one kid is cute. that one with nice muscles and a good sense of humor


  1. Nice gave me a good chuckle before bedtime. Love the swim meet outfits, love that you are too busy this week but still find time to celebrate 1.11.11, love that you are so happy and have such a great personality. who is this new muscle boy??

  2. Keena, you are so creative. And btw, I love the rainboots at the swim meet. Love you babe! We'll miss you this weekend! Love Dad

  3. oh i just love the pictures of you and your friend madi bateman! LOOOOVEEEEE YOUUU(:(:(:(:(: