Sunday, January 16, 2011

work, gum, dancing, and coco

Friday morning at 7:30 my parents left to the airport. i went to school and drivers ed, then came home with Nicole and Amanda! we hung out for a little, then i made dinner.

later, me and Nicole and Amanda made some muddie buddies, wrestled, watched some despicable me,
and then they left. after they left i went to Cait's house! we are in the process of making a quilt right now!

we did some talking, eating, dancing, and watched part of return to me.. then went to bed

we woke up and made breakfast together, then i went home, showered, and went BACK to cait's! we wen to work together and worked until 7. i love working with Cait and her mom Brenda!

we FINALLY got a ride at 8:30, me and cait went back to her house and ate grilled cheese... yum! then we headed to Megs house. Emma and Nicole were there too! we played Just Dance 2!

i went to part of church today but then came home feeling sick. my parents came home from Seattle at 2! also we went to my grandmas house for dinner :)

how cute is Quincey? so cute :)

me and my family are heading up the canyon to go to soldier hallow! i am so excited! we are going with the Garvins and WOW i am excited!


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