Saturday, January 22, 2011

the conference in the mountains

youth conference was in the winter for us this year
it was super fun because we have never been in the winter
in past times we have been to different camps....
but they have all been in the summer time

we met at one of the leaders homes at 4 o'clock
everyone was gathered, put into cars, and we drove up
staying in my room was Sarah, Tara, Malia, Torey, and my mother
we had the BEST room!!
man i loved it

mine and Sarah's room

we had dinner at 5:30
after dinner we went to the lodge for a speaker

that speaker would be:
Greg Johnson
{AKA my favorite Male adult other than my father}

Me, Sarah, Tara, and Malia were photographing until he started...

i got a picture with him

after the speaker we headed to another lodge, to play some games and eat food
us 4 amigos.... played some Mad Gab
me and Sarah definitely lost

there was a LOT of snow there

after games, we went back to our homes for the night
talked, ate, got in pj's, messed around, and had some girl talk
then we all went to sleep

we had some breakfast at 8 o'clock
at 8:30 we went
Cross Country Skiing
{SUPER fun i loved it a lot... but i got a bruise}

after skiing we went to do a service project
we made cards for the missionaries in our ward
{that they can give away, like when they need to use them}

okay so the picture above .... there are some random shots there
including me chopping off my hair
{ya someone took that creeper picture of me}

here are my cards i made

there was pretty much, a ton of snow up there
if you can see in these pictures
{keep in mind we are on a 3 story tall building}
there is snow on the bottom right
YA! the snow went up THAT high.... amazing

we then had a talk by the bishop, and a small testimony meeting
after that we headed back to our places and packed our things

i then took some "leaving" photos

it was a VERY VERY VERY fun youth conference
i enjoyed every single minute of it!



  1. I love it!!!!!!! Way to go Keena, and way to go Greg Johnson for being "the man" on Friday night; What a great presentation he gave. Cute photos keena!

  2. Hahaha thanks dad:)
    Yes mam... Aspen Grove