Wednesday, January 19, 2011

something necessary your missing, dear?

my family and i went up to soldier hallow and it was a blast! that place is super fun and you don't even have to do anything but sit in your tube! i was SO bundled too!

after we went to Cafe Rio, then we all went back to the Horton home!

it was a B day, and the first day of the brand new semester. it was a good day, except none of my classes changed! except in seminary we switched teachers and i now have brother Taeger. after school i had drivers ed, then went straight to the ortho.

i came home and ate with my fam, babysat, took a bath, and watched MONK.

it was the first A day today, and it was actually fun! the only down side to today *TMI* was i forgot to wear a BRA TO SCHOOL. yeah im serious. and i didn't even realize until like 4th period! so embarrassing!

oh, and me and Madi are starting this thing where we take a picture of us every A day!

day 1


  1. Loving the 'day 1 picture' can't wait to see more. You both are hawt

  2. My mom used an html code instead of a template...