Thursday, January 27, 2011

the GAME.... and more

last night the
BRUINS beat those TIGERS
it was a beautiful game, i loved every minute of it!

at the end of the game, tons of MV crazies ran down to the floor to celebrate our AWESOME win of a great game!!

here is me and Jess in photo today....

Mr. Cramer had a WAY cool old camera, so vintage!


MV is getting a new gym.... just an add on gym i guess
{MV is a little ghetto, guess they're trying to change that}

on Wednesday in Science, we did a flower dissection!
it was SUPER cool... i had no idea that a flower can be a girl AND a boy. me and Amy were partners, and we had a bunch of fun! i even kept a pedal and pressed it in my scriptures

day 4


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  1. You lead an exciting life and by the way, I give in to peanut butter M & Ms all the time.