Wednesday, February 2, 2011

birthdays, parties, drivers ed, and more stuff

i went straight from school to the MV vs LEHI game... the boys and girls were playing and i cheered for the JV and Varsity boys! me and madi discovered an app called Instagram today. we experimented and took lots of pictures together!

i babysat in the morning, then went to the Mall with Mia.  after the mall i went to Cait's and we watched some One Tree Hill! later we went to Joslynn's surprise sweet 16 at her house! it was a huge dance party... so fun!

to my wonderful grandmother

there were a LOT of children helping open presents when we went to her house that night...

i went to school, and there was no drivers ed! yay! i went to pick up some shoes with my mom, then went to Cait's to do math. then i ate with the fam, had FHE, and went to bed.

oh, and for drivers ed, i have to take a picture of me filling the car with gas!

i went to school and drivers ed, then to Nicole/s to do homework! then i went to YW, we are making aprons. oh, and in biology on tuesday we disected a starfish! so nasty!

wanna know something silly that happened this morning? i had so many things plugged in while getting ready that i shut off the power in my house! haha so awful.  it was intense, and actually kind of scary.... but its all fixed.

i went to school, drivers ed, and home for 20 minutes, then went to the game and cheered my little bum off! so in cheer today we found out that us JV girls are going to be doing our first halftime of the entire YEAR! yay! also Varsity wants us in their halftime for retro night so we will be in 2 in one night! i can't wait!

day 5
day 6happy IPHONE4 day to me and my father!!:)
we are SO excited, and plan to stay up till 1, when we can order it

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  1. Wow, your life is crazy busy. I can't even keep up.