Tuesday, March 22, 2011


a picture of you with 15 facts

0. my name is Keena Horton
1. i love blogging, with all my little heart
2. my father is the stake president, and has been for 2 months
3. i have only moved once. from Provo to Orem
4. one of my ALL time favorite treats, is muddy buddies
5. my hobby? shopping
6. i have an obsession with taking pictures
7. i am hypoglycemic
8. cereal is one of my favorite foods
9. i do not have a tailbone
10. i love to sew
11. face-timing is fun, with MADI Bateman
12. i do not have a middle name
13. i have a fear of horses and water
14. Justin Bieber is..... pure AMAZING
15. i LOVE Disneyland .... it truly is the happiest place on earth

tomorrow: day 2

picture of me and the person i used to be close with



  1. 16. I have a great aunt named LauraLee. How many times do I have to remind you Keena, geesh!

  2. can you please make muddy buddies when I come over again. I only ate one last time.

  3. i like number 11. KEN

  4. I was going to say how much I loved this post and loved the pictures....but then I read Deah's comment and couldn't stop laughing that she only ate one muddy buddy....too funny!