Wednesday, March 23, 2011


you and the person you used to be close withSarah Hinton

Sarah and I started out friends in preschool and i have known her ever since
our mothers did playgroups together so we basically saw each other EVERY day
we went to elementary school together at the good old Westmore Elementary
EVERY day after school we would call one another asking to play

Sarah also got me to start Soccer. I played for 4 years and we were on 2 teams together.
we are in the same ward, and still are to this day
we LOVED barbies. after school we went to my home and ate snacks
like fruit by the foot, pretzels, wheat thins, and lots of otter pops

the thing i remember most about Sarah and I? BARBIES.
it is honestly CRAZY how much we loved barbies,
we played them for hours and hours.
our "girls" would have 15 children, then we would start over
by having them find new boyfriends, and get married ALL over again.
we would let them go on vacations to my parents bathroom
and go swimming in the bathtub.
We gave them haircuts, make overs, new houses, piercings, you name it!

i LOVE YOU sarah!

tomorrow: day 3
a picture of the cast of your favorite TV show


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  1. This I SO true! But you did forget about 'dying' the barbies hair by coloring it:)