Saturday, March 26, 2011

day4, day5 {my week in pictures}

the person you have "liked" the longest
taylor camp
a picture of your favorite memory

EVERY trip to Disneyland
i have been a little busy this week with it being the end of the term and all
so i have not really had time to blog about my school, social, family, etc... life


after school, i went to madi's with her... we ate eggs on toast
then went down to BYU with her sister for her job interview
we chilled in her car, while her sister was being interviewed!
boy did we have fun

then, we went back to my home, and chilled
we played with my brothers new mega-phone, it was quite fun

we ate dinner, then i drove us.....

to the LJHS choir concert!
day 19

went home from school with Cait. we did homework and ate yummy food!

i went home, got ready, and went to the Cheer Banquet

cheer was a good experience, as much as i want to say i'll miss it, i WONT
but i WILL miss my friends IN it:( no worries, me and Mad still plan on staying BFF's

when i got home me and Mad did some Facetime... love

after school i worked till 7
did homework
talked with Malia
and went to sleep

day 20
{yes i know its bad quality, im sorry. it's also blurry so ignore that too}


i called my mom after school to ask if me and Cait could get a ride
she said "Cait is supposed to be working"
AH! so after much confusion, me and Cait both decided to work
we went home, got some snacks, changed, and went to work

after work, we went to Cait's home
we got ready a little, ate some Ramen, and headed to Madi's

at Madi's, we could not decide what to DO! finally, some wonderful men came over
and we just hung out, sat around, talked, the usual

don't ask. David is.... odd haha

i ate too too too many gumballs at Madi's
i had a very sick tummy
i went home and headed straight to bed

a person you would love to trade places with for a day


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