Monday, March 28, 2011

day6, day7 {my monday}

the person you would trade places with for a day

selena gomez
{why? cause she is JB's boyfriend, DUH!}

your most treasured item

my memory box

minimal day! it was grand. i was in school from 7:45 until 12

mom came and picked me up at 12 we headed to target!

i then, headed to Ernies to meet ma' peeps me and Joz shared an "All Star" YUM!!

after eating, we all headed to Madi Bateman's home
when i say WE, i mean
Cline, Caitlyn, Austin, Hannah, Edgar, Madi, Dallin, Joz, David, Chris, and me

everyone left, then me and Madi headed to Orem, for Taylor's baseball game!
it was quite chilly outdoors, okay it was actually 40 degrees
we were FREEZING. so before the game started, we went to the gym, and took photos!

we didn't stay till the end, since it was frigged, so i couldn't tell you who won

Madi came over, we chatted, tried on clothing, and that's pretty much it!!
oh, and i tried on my new shoes for her, LOVE!!

something that makes you laugh


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