Friday, March 4, 2011

my..... not so good friday

if you didn't read HERE
i went and got a cat-scan done on Tuesday
and here is me .... cute as can be .... just before the cat-scan

i went back to the doctor's today @ 7:10
we looked at the pictures from the cat-scan, and it looked like the tailbone was pointed.
we also saw a little, sort of, sac.
he said that most patients get these after surgery and they are no big deal.
but they can also be filled with puss {ew} which is not good.
so the doctor sent me to get an MRI done at about 8
i went to another office, got on more scrubs, and headed into a "room"
i thought the MRI would be like the cat-scan, a quick, 3 minute procedure
it was a total of 45 minutes of me stuck in a claustrophobic tube looking at a ceiling

they stuck me in this large tube... like thisat first they said, okay you will probably be in here for about 30 minutes, i'm thinking... WOW. they sent me in the tube and i look at the ceiling for 30 minutes listening to the loud noises. yeah i was super claustrophobic in there! after those 30 minutes, they injected some fluid... and told me i had to go in for another 20 minutes! wow, the worst!

after i was done, they tied up my arm

after the MRI we went back to the doctor's office to find out the results
we couldn't see the pictures, cause they would not load, but we found out the info.

my tailbone has grown back into a point! :( it's not life threatening, but my parents and i decided i need to make it better, so i am having surgery again!

it's scheduled for April 7

i am going to be a bored little girl watching movies all day long! you ALL better visit me :)
after the doctor's, me, my mom and Quincey headed to Kneaders, then i headed to school, not the best day, but after school i went  with Jos and Cait to Joslynn's house. they played Halo, i was wicked bored. 

we all got ready and then went to hunters house!

we only stayed at Hunter's for a little bit then went to a parking lot and danced {random} with dallin, austin, edgar, david, madi, lauren, + me, jos, and cait.

then we went back to Joslynns!

overall? not the best Friday i have ever had.

day 14


  1. I can't believe you have to have surgery again! What the heck!

  2. So did that post take about 6 hours to do??? I am thinking that with our slow computer and all those photos it probably did.

    Love the vintage photos. And loving the play by play of each day.

    What a great kid!