Saturday, April 2, 2011

day9,10,11,12 {conference weekend}

person that has gotten you through the most

sydni garvin
person you do the silliest things with

caitlyn cosgrove
something you hate

horses {especially black ones}
blueberries {ew}
something you love

PB m&m's

it has been a very long, busy, crazy, adventurous, fun week!

i wore these awesome new shoes to school. 

since Joz doesn't have an A4 and neither do i, we drove Sess to Child Intern, then went for a drive, to 7Circles. we visited with Torey and Lex, till it was time to go get Sess

we drove back to the second assembly to see who won for elections!

after school, me and Mad walked to her house. Madi did my hair AND i got feathers in my hair!

after my hair was done, we got shorts on {it was actually WARM outside}
and ate teddy grahams and drank ice waters while sitting on her back porch

we then walked to MV for the baseball game against Orem

after the game, we went to my home, ate, changed into pants {the hot weather did not last} then walked to Old Navy!

walked home, ate some muddy buddies

then Taylor came and picked us up. Colton, Dallon, and Rachel were also there!

we drove around alot, and eventually met up with Joz, Cait, Dallin and Austin
then went to a park, then me and Mad felt ignored so we walked to her house haha... boys are dumb! but they called us anyways and apologized. me and Madi got some sweats on and hopped in bed!

woke up, went home, chores, showered, ate, went to 7Circles! me and Cait worked till 7

we found snacks in the back, and cooked up Cup O' Noodles
but... the only thing we had for utensils was 4 straws.....

after work Cait went with her fam, and i went to Joslynns with some peeps

overall? good weekend

i even got to watch the 10-12 session of Conference! and have the 2-4 session recorded. tomorrow i will be watching more Conference... in my Jammies with my fam {im excited!}
your favorite band or artist


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