Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NYC || part one

my parents spoiled me. they spoiled me with a senior trip to New York, a place I have never been before. we probably couldn't afford everything we did in NY, and probably couldn't afford the dozen smoothies we got on the side of the road, or the thousand times we stopped for an expensive meal or dessert shop. but I love them for it doing it. and I love that they love me enough to take me on such an awesome trip!

New York was A M A Z I N G / there are so many things I could say about that place. I loved every single minute that we were there and all I want to do is relive the last 5 days when I was there! I miss it already.

we didn't let a single minute go to waste while we were in NY. we did everything we wanted to do and made all of our time worth it when we were there. by the end of everyday, we probably walked around 10 miles. SO MUCH WALKING. and in fact, briana and I had to buy new flip flops to wear because flats were giving us blisters and bloody feet {literally.} but was it worth it? well of course!

WEDNESDAY // day 1

our flight was at 11, and we arrived in NY around 5 {time change, and a 4 hour flight.} we were so giddy at the airport and on the plane! we just couldn't wait!

we took a taxi to our hotel, changed, headed for the subway, and to the Yankee baseball game!

 ^^^ in the subway. that place is HOT and smelly. and has lots of rats...

after the game we got some food at a little restaurant by the stadium. gotta love having dinner at midnight! {which is basically what we did every single night}

THURSDAY // day 2

we walked out of the hotel to find mickey mouse that morning. TONS of people dress up as characters to take pictures of people so they can get tips. so basically this picture cost us $1 haha!

 we took a ferry to New Jersey! which was really fun and super easy & cheap to do.

the reason we took the ferry to Jersey, was to see the famous.... CARLOS BAKERY. my family and I are BIG fans of Cake Boss and we love Buddy Valastro + his family + and is famous bakery! it was basically the thrill of my lifetime.

the bakery was a lot smaller than we imagined, but it was SO awesome to be in there after all this time of watching all the episodes and seeing it on tv! ahhhhhh I was freaking out.

 ^^^ bought some of the famous pastries!

and here we are at the Jersey park eating the famous desserts from Carlos. the lobster tail and the famous canoli. they were TO DIE FOR.

all I want is another box full of those desserts. {we even went back on the last day to their 2nd bakery {not the original} just to get more because they were SO dang delicious!}

we headed back over to NY and our next stop was Ground Zero. on the way there we stopped at Trinity church. {from National Treasure!} they had a lot you could learn about 9/11 in the church too.

 ^^^ one of the new World Trade Centers.

here we are at Ground Zero. they just finished building this last September, for the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. words don't describe how amazing this was. it was go amazing to see the fountains they built and all the names of the people who were killed. there was a special spirit we felt there in remembrance of those who passed.

we grabbed a bite to eat after the memorial at a local pizza place.

THE FOOD in NY is what I loved the most {yes I am serious} I can't even tell you how amazing it was. oh my heavens. I loved it. the restaurants we went to, and the dessert shops, ahhhh I miss it. the pizza there is unlike anything else. its fresh with a thin crust. oh, and sometimes, we would get dessert, a meal, then dessert again... okay i'm going to stop now that I sound like a fat food addict.

we chilled at the hotel and freshened up, and headed back out into the city that night. and that night we ate at a place called Sushi Samba. which was the greatest sushi place EVER.

and after eating, a night out in Times Square. we took lots of pictures and enjoyed all the LIGHTS in the city {it's crazy how it really is the city that never sleeps!} so many people were still out and about at 12, 1, and even 2 am. it's crazy and I love it.

day 1 and day 2. BUSY BUSY.

lots more to share about our last 3 days! just you wait :)
and if you can't tell by these pictures, or by the other thousand times I have said it...

I   L O V E   N E W   Y O R K


  1. Sushi Samba is amazing. They just opened a place here in London but I prefer the one in NYC. It's wayyyy more fun.

    If you get to go again you should try Tao they have really good fusion food too.

  2. so jealous!
    glad you had an incredible time!
    bailey @ mycrisscrossedblog.blogspot.com

  3. SO JEALOUS of your trip girl!! I LOVE NYC!!
    Looks like you had so much fun!

  4. Ahh reading this is making me crave a trip to NY so badly. I'm so jealous! I've never even thought about stopping by Carlos' bakery but that's genius, I definitely want to do that next time (if that ever even happens!). And girl you're so right about the food there. I love that you can find ANY find of ethnic restaurant imaginable, when I went we ate at an African restaurant. What the what?? ha it was amazing though.

  5. you're pictures look amazing! nyc looks beautiful. i love all of your outfits!! new follower. :)