Monday, June 20, 2011

a tuesday {flashback}

so, this was this past tuesday... but im barely getting around to posting it. me, Madi, Hannah, and Kylee all laid out at Madi's for like, 3 hours. oh and then we swam for a bit

Ky had to leave, but then Madi's sister Chels took us to get some snowies!

we wanted to walk after snowies. so Chels went home. we walked to the mall to get a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell since last week {and last week only} they were only .99 CENTS! that is a steal. yeah, call me fat{or: tubby, chubby, muffin, chunky} ... but i had 4 last week

then, we went to my Mutual, which was swimming at this one house, that we swim at every year. i drove us out there, and we... sat in the pool a little, and ate, and talked!

cute Quince came to mutual too {since my mom is pres}

Yep. i got fried. BUT now? im tan :)


PS: today, i am packin up to head to girls camp until saturday. im SO excited! i'll be back soon lovies! i will post about girls camp when i get back of course! pray that i don't get eaten by a bear

coming soon: my venting. about... LOST

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  1. you can't vent about LOST because i love to read your blog but i haven't finished yet haha