Sunday, June 19, 2011

its fathers day!

to the greatest dad there is

dear dad, since i already wrote you a 3 page note, i will make this short. i love you! you truly are the GREATEST dad ever and i love you SO much! i do not know what i would do without you! just so you know, since i am the oldest child, i think you are doing an excellent job at being a dad :) i love you so much dad! thank you for everything you do for me! love keen

and here are some pictures, of my dad, that i think you will enjoy
first of all, check out this first one. he has HAIR! {that's me, as a baby}

here is one of my favorite pictures EVER! the night my dad and i went on my first date {HERE}

for my dads present {i actually got him a lot, just cause they were all inside jokes} i made him something he has been asking me to make him for about 6 months now. i finally got around to it when he stopped begging me, and now he is getting it for fathers day. it is an earphone sleeve. he almost ordered one off the internet, but its a good thing i know how to sew, cause i just made him one instead! i also got him a crushed water bottle {inside joke, don't ask} and a framed picture for his office, of the picture above. i think he will really like it :) i also wrote him a 3 page note. he will probly like that to.... :) sorry, no pictures of the actual presents, just the little box with the earphone sleeve in it, and the note {which is inside the itty bitty shirt with the tie}

i am also speaking in church today, on fathers, since it is fathers day. oh yeah, i better go prepare that talk. i speak in 30 minutes {{winks}} jokes! i prepared it.... sort of.


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