Wednesday, July 20, 2011

family pictures {flashback}

2 Sunday's ago, we had family pictures done with the WHOLE Gillespie family. they went really well, and we got some awesome shots! unfortunately, i don't have the big group shots to show you, but i DO have a couple pictures of my cousins and i, and some of my family and i.

i LOVE my cousins {have i mentioned that before?} i just love them. they are my best-est friends. especially Briana. when we graduate high school, her and i are going to BYU together :) living in a dorm together... so excited! anyways, i hope you like these pictures, i enjoy them myself :)

this same night, i also had to say good-bye to Kaden who had to leave back to Colorado :( it was really sad. i just kept saying "it's gonna be okay Kaden i'll see you in a couple months" and his response would always be, "it's NOT okay!" :( i miss him already

that's all for now
much love, keena

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  1. Your family is beyond GORGEOUS! ah, love you Keena!