Saturday, July 23, 2011

summer livin'

i haven't been blogging as much, but i guess that is just what happens when you have a life. i have been playing with friends all week long and haven't thought about it. No, i am not going to tell you everything i did this week, but, here are some pictures to summarize it for you.

it was a great week in all, it was my last week with Chris, for a week, since he is leaving for Idaho {for EFY} on Sunday morning. after he gets back, we have one more week together, then i am headed up to Seattle for the rest of the summer, when i get back he will be in Powell, then school starts. MAN, this is a busy summer

monday night at Trafalga
this was a fun night :) Cait drove me on the Go-Karts 2 times.
people there: Kaylee, Cait, Jos, Me, Edgar, David, Branson, Chris

*** note to self: when Branson asks if you will help HIM up, DON'T. seeing that his weight will over power you and you will fall on your back on the golf turf AND destroy your elbow. THEN the guy at 7Peaks will wrap it up all nice and tight when the scab falls off and is gushing blood *** thanks Branson

Malia and i at the SLC airport
waiting for our cousins flight to take off. Malia and i were not aloud to go through security cause only my mom was able too. so, we people watched for 2 hours. that was.... fun

sunday night
i held baby Claire for an hour, then talked to my cousin on the phone for an hour.
i love sunday nights

Cait and i on Tuesday
MAJOR shopping got done on this day. Ya, we like to spend our paychecks

Hannah and i on friday
we went to 7Peaks yesterday together! it was fun. i guess you could say im a rebel, since Chris convinced me to go on the yellow slide... {ooo. shiver. im not a fan of those slides} it was scary, but fun. oh, that wedgie i got was enjoyable too

people there: Hannah, Me, Chris, Edgar, Dallin, Josue

Cait and i on friday
we played roading. HAHA i love Caitlyn Jean Cosgrove

Caitlyn and Joslynn friday
*playing mommy daughter* don't ask

i will write back soon dears
much love, keena

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  1. what about us on thursday night?:(