Friday, July 29, 2011

hi, and bye

i have to leave, soon, but i thought i would pop in and say hello.

summer is same old same old, im still having a blast with friends and family. i KNOW i shouldn't say this, and i'll probably regret it come September, but im ready for school. i do love summer, but im ready for school to start. i love when i am in school and i can look forward to Friday/Saturday hangouts and parties. i love that i have stuff i do during the day. i love having so much time in the day. anyways, im ready. i have started school shopping a bit, and I've purchased some nice/lovely/needed things

last night Sydni and i had a sleepover. we watched "Life as we know it" i love that movie :) then this morning we got up and headed to the mall to do a little shopping. we both didn't have very much money, but had fun spending what we did have :) i had a little trouble trying to decide what earrings to get, but in the end i got the ones on the left; thanks to my dandy followers on Instagram, they helped me decide :)

so, on Wednesday night i had Madi do my hair for me. Jessica {my cousin} taught us a cool way to do it that will get your hair curly over night! so Madi did it for me, and it worked! i slept in this fancy hair-do, got up and took it out, and it looked beautiful {i thought}

*in the fancy doo*

in the morning*
i am now off to a family BBQ in the canyon where we will enjoy watermelon, salad, mallows, and each others company ~ buh bye for now dears

much love, keena

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  1. my hair turned out all kinky when I tried to do it by myself! i struggle... but yours is very good!