Sunday, July 31, 2011

mountains + friends + Cooper + wedding

remember that one time? that one time when i posted on Friday? ya, i said i was going up to the canyon with my family. here, my friends, is the pictures from that adventure. we ate dinner, talked around the fire, watched the kids do a performance, and roasted mallows

after spending the night in the canyon; i went to Madi's house for a sleepover with Hannah, Madi, Haley, and me. we stayed up till 4... basically doing nothing other than stalking Instagram, taking pictures, talking about each others boy lives, and taking a dip in the pool. we also went to Yogurtland and saw Clint and a bunch of other graduated kids and some seniors as well. it was a great night over all; except for the part where we still had to get up at 7 am to go to Cooper's Run. other then that? it was awesome :)

saturday morning, 8 am, Coopers Run. Hunter did a great job singing and it was a great morning. the sun was shining but it was not too hot. there were so many people there to support the Kofford's it was absolutely amazing. that part where they let off the balloons and doves at the start of the race, literally brought tears to my eyes.

i never actually met Cooper Kofford, but his cute face that i always see in pictures is what i have always wanted to see in person. i hope that when i am in heaven i can meet him. he is so darn cute.

i remember Caitlyn calling me on July 31, 2009. she called and asked if i had heard the news. i was in Seattle with my cousins and hadn't heard anything. so, i said "No?" she said "Hunter's brother Cooper was just run over by a car, and was killed" i burst into tears. Cait tried to calm me down, but that didn't happen. like i said before, i have never met Cooper, but just knowing that one of my BEST friend's brother had just died, made my heart break. i remember going down stairs to my family, telling my mom and my dad. their faces, they were heart broken.

i remember going to Cooper's funeral. i remember how each of the Kofford kids gave their own talk about Cooper. i remember little Lincoln getting up and telling how he misses his older brother, and then he told the audience about how he missed his best friend. when Lincoln said that, i can't even tell you how much i cried. i remember Hunter's talk. i remember her telling everyone how he used to come into her room late at night when he had a bad dream, and snuggling up to her until morning. that makes me so sad.

dear Hunter,
you are SO strong. don't ever ever EVER let someone tell you otherwise. you are a HUGE example to me. i know you already know it, but i know it too, that you WILL see Cooper again. i love you Hunter, XO love Keen PS: you have a gorgeous voice. i love it! don't forget me when you become famous one day. always remember that im the girl you got in a cat fight with for 5 months straight :) haha i love you

here is my Louisa, Haley, Me, Hannah, and Madi at the 2nd annual Cooper's Run

later that night i went to Cait's sister Carley's wedding reception. i went to luncheon earlier in the day. it was at the Old Spaghetti Factory. it was SO SO good. their wedding video? AMAZINGLY precious. ahhh i loved it. anyways, i went to the reception later and it was awesome! i loved it.

much love, keena


  1. Wow, what great pictures. Whose camera did you use.

  2. hahahaha laura your so dumb. my IPHONE thank you!!

  3. sweet serendipity! looks like you had a great time! and thanks for commenting on my blog- i enjoy reading your lovely comments :)