Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hikes + peaks + crushes

my dad had a speaking assignment in Aspen Grove on sunday, so the whole family went for dinner, to go on a walk, take many pictures, and to listen to him speak! we all didn't really know if we were supposed to dress up or not to go up there, but i did anyways. i wasn't allowed to wear shorts anyways, and its not like i believe in wearing pants when its summer so, dress up it is!

the Horton family from Oregon is in town, so we are hanging out with them a bunch! on monday we went to 7Peaks with the WHOLE Horton clan {as in all 6 brothers and sisters, and their kids} it was a lot of fun! i don't always love the slides, the lines are long and boring. so instead, i like laying in the shallow part of the wave pool for 3 hours while gettin' my tan on :) i suppose for others this would be a waste of money, but i have a pass, so why not?

monday night i went and saw the new Captain America with Joslynn. okay, we love movies. Jos has gotten me addicted to movies! there are so many i want to see right now that are already out on DVD and a bunch of movies that aren't even out yet that i am just counting down the days for! i can not WAIT! gahhh i love movies :) ps: Captain America was SO good! i am also going to try and read all of the Twilight books before the first part of Breaking Dawn comes out November 18. i have never read any of them but i LOVE the movies, so, im gonna go for it.

this morning the Horton clan met up again to go hike Stewert Falls! i love hiking. lots. it is something i have never done a lot of, but now that i have discovered it again, i enjoy it, and plan to do it more often.

after, i took Caleb, Marcus, Ky, and Quince over to Madi's house to swim for an hour. then we all {including Madi} went to a Horton BBQ at the Carlson's

Madi and i are NOW about to have a sleepover. tomorrow we will be up at 8 to hike the Y! we are hiking it with Cait and Hannah. i never have, so i am quite excited. im obbsessed with a few things lately, check it out

my current crushes:
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much love, keena

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