Sunday, July 10, 2011

ta-ta im off to EFY, bye dears

tomorrow, Briana, Mackenzie, Malia, and i, are all going to EFY! i am SO excited. i have never been so excited. i LOVE LOVE LOVE EFY and i can NOT wait!! im super excited to be going with Briana this year, and i know Mackenzie and Malia are going to LOVE their first year! we won't be in their same group since we are older {which means we will be in the 16-17 age group and they will be in 14-15} but we will still be in their Red session, so we'll see them :) SO excited! we will be going to BYU Provo, which i love. we are all basically packed, just a little more

EFY 2009

i went with: Caitlyn
we went to: BYU Idaho
EFY 2010
i went with: Heidi
we went to: BYU Provo
{posted HERE}
i will of COURSE write about EFY when i get home next Saturday, until then, bye lovies!


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