Saturday, July 9, 2011

cousins {and more}

i. love. my. cousins.
us 4 {Me, Briana, Mackenzie, Malia} are having SO much fun! funny memories in the past 5 days:

* * * * *
T-nuggs, Nan gagging outside of Red Mango, us leaving Malia at Redbox, T-nuggs in the toilet, Kenz making the popular page at 2 am, Red Mango runs at midnight, Malia getting hit with a saw, the hairy hobo, making fun of Malia getting hit by a saw, getting hit on at 7Peaks, going on Tube Run 15 times in a row trying to stop it, Kenzie speeding by like a rocket in the slide, me whacking Kenzie in the head with my foot, _ _ _ ing everywhere hahaha, recording toots, Briana almost drinking Vinegar, etc etc etc

after spending $110 on food, i think us 4 are ready for EFY... SO EXCITED!

just me, swinging

Hunter, Britt, and i went to Yogurtland yesterday... yum

us at Brick Oven the other day

us 4 ladies went to DI the other day, got some pants, which we cut into shorts. don't we look cute?

to end this post, here are some random pictures i am in love with


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  1. there's really nothing like the sweet company of cousins!! i love mine too, perhaps you'll stop by sometime?