Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 weeks in Washington

its HERE! my post all about Seattle is finally here... ya ya i know it is 1 week late but what can ya do when your computer is not working? well it finally is working now so here we go!

i don't want to tell you each and every day that we were there, mostly because i don't remember, but also because we basically just sat out at the pool all day and ate, read, partied, and tanned. so, i will just tell you the activities we did :) and if i don't tell you about a certain day, it probably just means we did nothing but sat at the pool!

we left Saturday morning and got to Samammish around 6:30. may i just say, their house is amazing! they have a beautiful home with an awesome backyard! pool, hot tub, showers, bathroom, a cave, water slide, outdoor kitchen, a deck, a fire pit, pickle ball court, loungin' seats, the WORKS! i love it there, its heaven for 2 straight weeks. anyways, we got there and ate dinner, i talked to Chris on the phone then we all got in the hot tub!

bunch of random pictures taken of cousins and i throughout the 2 weeks
THEN i will show you the activities we did!

Henna! i did an Infinity sign on my wrist and a Dandelion into birds on my back

Kenz "fish tail braided" my hair for me on Sunday!

on Monday or Tuesday {i can't remember which day} we headed to the lake! it was cloudy for a little while but it was so fun to go and just relax for the day :)

on Wednesday we headed to the Seattle Zoo! i love the Zoo...

on Thursday or Friday {can't remember which day haha} we went blueberry picking!

on Saturday we went shopping in Downtown Seattle all day! yep, i got some major school shopping done... it was good :) after that we ate some Indian food that was delicious!

during the NEXT week sometime, we went to the Family Fun Center! that place is so fun. i went on the craziest, scariest, most sickening rides EVER! plus there was motor boats, golfing, and go-karts!

Wednesday we went to the mall to eat {yaaa that's a hurricane machine}

THEN, we headed to a Mariners Baseball game! it was so fun!

Thursday we went to Seattle again and went to Pikes Place Market! i love that place.

we also went to the Space Needle :)

that night we also went out for Dumplings at an Asian restaurant. ok, SO good! i love that place!

Friday, the last day. that night we got all dressed up and went to eat at an Italian restaurant

THEN we went to Le Mis! the play :) the last time i saw this play was 6th grade, and i fell asleep. this time, i loved it! i love this play! and the music :)
Briana and i at the play

that's it! these pictures do not even EXPLAIN the wonderful time i had. one of the best trips EVER!!! i love my cousins more then anyone knows

classic quotes from the 2 weeks

'the bear pawed the car'
'this is the last time you will ever see me. drinks all around!'
'mom did you hear about Keena's car accident?!'
'oh my gosh! guys! look! a ride!'
'shuttt upppp'
'beee fattttt'
'you is kind. you is smart. you is important'

my trip?

much love, Keena

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  1. I am soooo jealous. I LOVE WASHINGTON! aaaand you're adorableandfuntoblogstalk. k bye. :)