Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the first week of being a junior

ok. this time, my dad taught me how to fix the computer next time it does that, so NOW i have no more excuses for delayed posts :) anyways, sorry this post is 2 weeks late, but, i can't control the dumb-ness of my computer.

its true. im a junnnyyaaa {said in an accent of course}

i feel OLD. school started August 23, 2 Tuesday's ago. although i definitely have more homework then last year, i am lovin' school. really, i AM! here are my classes i am taking semester 1

A1: Peer Tutor
A2: Pre-Cal

A3: Photo

A4: Health Science
B5: English

B6: Chemistry

B7: Weight Training

B8: Seminary

i love my classes and the people in them :)
my favorite classes so far, are; Photo, Health Science, and Weights {ya kids, im gonna be buff}
here are some pictures of the first day of school, and after school a little while ago

now, ladies and gentleman, i am all caught up.
no more excuses. no more delays.

much love, Keena

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