Thursday, August 11, 2011

checkin' in ~ greetings from Seattle

Hello! its thursday, sadly. this trip is going by fast, faster then i want. i was debating whether or not to post you guys a picture of the trip, but then i remembered that they are all still on my phone AND i just want to wait till i arrive home... to make it 1, huge, picture post.


im lovin' it up here. its awesome! amazingly awesome. there hasn't been a day with sunshine until today. yep, we have been swimming, hot tubbing, and picnic-ing in the clouds of Seattle. i really want to explain every day to you, but i will be saving that for when i get home [to go along with that realllllllly long picture post] on the bright side, its supossed to be sunny all day tomorrow, AND it was sunny all of today. plus ~ there is all of next week.

Even though it has been cloudy, doesn't mean cousins and i haven't PARTIED it up still. plus i have been reading my book so dang much. Briana has cheer 8-12 so when i wake up she is gone. all i do till she gets home is either read or watch the Office [love that show] what am i reading you ask? Twilight. hold in your giggles, but i love it. who's team am i? Edward. ALL the way. i love him and i love this book. i am trying to read all 4 books before Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out November 18 [i can't remember if i have already mentioned that on here or not] but, yeah. i know i can do it. it has been 4 days and i am almost done with book 1.

I am currently

in a competition with Christopher Turnbull as to who can get the most tan by Satruday August 20. by that point, we will have not seen each other for 3 weeks. ya, we have texted and talked on the phone, plus i wrote him a letter, but that ended today since he headed to powell until i get back!

He will probably win. he always does, but it was worth a shot, and the prize is just a frosty and i'm pretty sure i can afford to purchase one for him. [notice the 'pretty sure'] all my money right now is going straight to school clothes. cousins & i are headed to Seattle [they live in Sammamish which is 30 minutes outside of Seattle] on Saturday to do a little shopping. i even have a list of what i am looking for.

i have a lot of things i need/want for school,

1. a new backpack ~ i do not have one for school. my one from last year was taken to girls camp, and now that backpack is history my friends, history
2. new shirts ~ this is a need, not a want
3. new sunglasses ~ all the ones i have right now are at their breaking point
4. pants, black ones ~ this is definitely a need
5. pants, jeans ~ i own 1 pair of pants people, ONE
6. new swimsuit bottoms ~ i know you are asking yourself why i would need those for school, which i don't, BUT, the only pair i have now are ALL stretched out so, this is a must
7. a Camelback waterbottle ~ i need i need i need
8. anything in Urban outfitters, Free People, Forever 21, or H&M. my cousins have PRIME shopping in Seattle, prime. i must attend these stores and purchase everything. must must.

Anyways, we shall see how all that works out.

So, i love my cousin.

i refuse to leave her resort of a home next Saturday. i love love love love Briana with all my little heart. she is my best friend. my BESTEST friend. i can not wait to move in with her when we go to college. i also love Alexis and Mackenzie. Malia, Briana, Mackenzie, Alexis and i are the lovely 5 that do everything together.

Last night we went and saw "The Help" if you have not seen this yet, i HIGHLY recommend it. it was so amazing. cousins and i were bawling the entire movie. it is super sad yet super funny, so you should all go see it.

So, i get depressed when i know that i have hundreds of people reading my blog and yet NOBODY leaves me a comment. it truely makes me sad, so, if you're reading this you should leave me a comment, or whatever you know..

that's all for now, sorry if i bore you

much love, Keena


  1. glad you're having a blast- and yes, comments do make a person's day, don't they? mine as well.

    enjoy your summer days and good luck on that shopping trip!


  2. I'm so glad your loving Twlight!

  3. I am glad that you are having fun in Seattle, and you enjoyed the movie The Help; I've heard a lot of good things about it. I hope you can beat Chris on the tanning, and can get all you need/want for school. Oh and i'm glad you like Twilight. Enjoy the the rest of your trip and summer!

  4. I am glad you're having a good time but I miss you!!!

  5. hey keena,
    i am trying to make my blog wide like yours, you know how jane rhodes did yours. i like it. and i am wondering how you did it? cuz my blog is squished and i want it bigger?? if you can tell me that would be awesome!! :)
    thanks!! tell me on my e-mail::