Monday, August 22, 2011

home sweet home {quick shoutout}

hello there! yep, i am back from Washington. it is supposed to be a 13 hour drive, but instead it was 17 hours of death; my dad missed a turn on accident, AND there was major traffic, plus construction. not fun, at all. but we made it back :) i wish i was still there.

i am currently at Madi's. to re-unite we decided to sleepover since it is the last night of summer that we actually can! this is just a 'pop in and say hello' post, because i need to give a quick shout out to Mads :)

dear Madi
i missed you very much. it was weird not seeing you for 3 whole weeks. we have talked about so much tonight and we still have so much to talk about :) we have a long night ahead of us. love you best friend!

*YES i will post all about Washington; tomorrow, probably {look out, lots of pictures}*
ps: i finished Eclipse

that's all for now
much love, Keena

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