Friday, August 5, 2011

suprise! buh-bye

i re-did my blog today :) im quite fond of it. i like the new font and the fact that i just added in my favorite color. yellow. yellow, peach, and grey are my favorite colors. they always have been! so; i am loving this new look for my blog.

i am currently supposed to be packing, but i got sick of it. i have a lot to do and not much time to do it *holy cow, gasp* i just looked at the clock. almost 4?! im DEAD.

i will probably not be blogging as i am in Seattle WA for 2 weeks. its a possibility, but if i do, it will just be one of those quick *pop in and say hello* posts... {kinda like this one... } so, we shall see on that one. don't worry, cause i still will be putting ALL the pictures from Seattle on; right when i get home. {and just so you know, there will be a LOT of pictures; just sayin}

now, im off to finish packing, then to the shower

much love, Keena

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