Thursday, August 4, 2011

just a random note

i got a parking ticket today; rough. stupid BYU cops... don't even ask me where i will be getting the money to pay for that. also, im not in the best mood. but my mom just dropped off a Jamba, that should help. im currently at work, and bored of it. but i need to go tag more pants now!! ps: for all those men who are reading my blog right now, $2 t-shirts and $6 sweats today, tomorrow and Saturday @ 7Circles. after this i'm off to the hotel for a swim and hot tub. yay :)

my hair is a little crazy today. i tried a new "do" for today. i slept in 6 french braids and i woke up to a frizz bomb on the bottom, but a nice wave up top. up it went!! {to a nice "messy bun"} anyways, i have pictures that i should post but i guess i will do that later! oh, and i am going to Seattle WA on Saturday at 4a.m. so basically tomorrow, its a day full of packing. thats all.

much love, Keena

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