Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 notes

1) school is DONE for. all together now.... HOORAY!!!! never again will i enter the halls of Mountain View in the year 2011. pretty neat i think. lets just say it again for fun.... HOORAY!!
2) this week will consist of working, family time, and gym time. i am excited
3) Christmas is coming so much faster then i expected. BUT, i can't wait :) i especially can't wait to give my parents their gift. they are going to love it
4) i just want to throw in the fact that.... at the moment, i hate mother nature. i WANT snow. and i never say that. but it just won't be Christmas without it! common!
5) i would like to thank Alec Woolley for the amazing date we went on last night. dinner and a movie. plus chit chat. last night was wonderful
6) i don't really want to admit it to you, but i will anyways. i am officially obsessed with Pinterest.
7) i think i am going to show you things on my wishlist this year... if i get around to it that is
8) speaking of getting around to things, i decided i am going to start up with some more sewing. i used to get quite a bit of income from that... and i was thinking the other day "where is all my money?" then i thought... BAM! i'll start selling clothes again. i am brilliant
9) in case you wanted to know, my mom bought Special K on Wednesday and it was gone by Friday. i'm in love with cereal.
10) never again will i vow to blog when it is the last week of school. i need my sleep people. i will blog when i can.... face it. i am a busy teenager

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