Monday, December 12, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year

i love that quote. when i first found out Christmas was on a Sunday this year, i was not happy. but now as i think about it, it is a good thing. Christmas is all about Christ's birth and if we celebrate it on a Sunday, you can get in your present time, AND go to church. lucky us

Christmas decorations have been UP in this house since the day after Thanksgiving. sure enough, we spent the day after just trying to get our decorations for one of my favorite holidays ever. who doesn't love Christmas? lights, music, the spirit, presents, giving, family, treats, i LOVE it all.

anyways, i posted last year us putting up the tree, and other decorations, so this year i did something like that as well. i didn't make quite as many things for my room this year, and i guess i could have put the old things up, but i made a few new things instead. it's definitely festive around here
top left: every year since i can remember, we do an advent calendar that my dad made forever ago. each day we take turns opening the box and it is either ornaments {to put on that little tree} or a slip of paper, which means a present for the whole family. i have always loved this tradition!
top right: we have also had this advent calendar for as long as i can remember. it goes on our fridge. the siblings and i always fight about what magnet goes next. it's quite fun
bottom left: classic nativity set up on our wall
bottom right: our Christmas tree Christmas card holder

top left: candles, pine cones, holly, and a picture of baby Jesus + Mary + Joseph
top right: b-e-l-i-e-v-e
bottom left: it really is.
bottom right: our old ornaments in a glass vase

top left: our tree. if you read {HERE} we got a new tree last year AND all new decorations/ornaments to go on it. i love our new tree. it's quite gorgeous i think.
top right: just starting to get presents under our tree!
bottom left: what a cute nutcracker
bottom right: the decorations in my room this year were quite simple. i made like 300 paper chains in green, red, and white and hung them all around the room like a sunshine coming out of the chandaleir. THEN i hung lights. like i always do! i think i will still do snowflakes again, but that is if i get some time to actually make them! however, i did find a great tutorial on how to make professional ones {found it on Pinterest. i love that site} follow me!

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